HCLU Documentaries and Discussion Series at CEU: HARM REDUCTION: Needle and Syringe Programs

November 25, 2013 - 17:30 - 19:00
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
Popper Room
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Film Screening
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Open to the Public
Peter Sarosi
Katarina Kusic
Human RightS Initiative (HRSI)
HCLU Documentaries and Discussion Series at CEU:  HARM REDUCTION: Needle and Syringe Programs
The Human RightS Initiative invites you to the second session of the HCLU Human Rights Documentaries and Discussion Series at CEU:


5:30 pm, Monday, November 25


Nador 9, Monument Building, Popper Room



Insite - Not Just Injecting, But Connecting
 Vancouver, 2012, 27'
A movie showing how the only legally operating injecting facility in North America offers much more than clean needles as it connects people to other services, such as shelter, food, detoxification, rehabilitation, financial literacy and sports facilities.The Supreme Court’s decision, instructing the federal government to use their existing legislation to issue a permit to Insite, is a historic victory, not only for evidence-based drug policies, but for the communities of people who use drugs.


The City of Lost Children 


Bucharest, 2013, 17'


Romania used to have a harm reduction program funded from the Global Fund, but with entering the EU, it was not eligible for financing anymore. With grants from the EU structural funds coming to halt in June 2013, Romania is already facing a HIV epidemic among injecting drug users: from 4 new HIV cases in 2007 to 231 new cases in 2012.
     drug policy program coordinator, HCLU



About Hungarian Civil Liberties Union: HCLU is a law reform and legal defence public interest NGO in Hungary, working independently of political parties, the state or any of its institutions. HCLU’s aim is to promote the case of fundamental rights and principles laid down by the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary and by international conventions. Generally it has the goal of building and strengthening the civil society and rule of law in Hungary and the CEE region. Since HCLU is an independent non-profit organization the financial resources are largely provided by foundations and more and more likely by individuals. The HCLU strives to educate citizens about their basic human rights and freedoms, and takes stand against undue interference and misuse of power by those in positions of authority. Find out more: http://tasz.hu/en

About HCLU Drug Policy Program: Since its inception in 1994 the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) has been a leading NGO in the field of drug policy reform advocacy in Hungary. Patterned after the successful model of the American Civil Liberties Union, HCLU provides legal aid service for vulnerable populations, such as drug users, psychiatric patients and people living with HIV/AIDS in addition to its drug policy reform activities. Since 1994 HCLU attorneys have assisted over 4,000 clients, most of whom were arrested for simple possession of illicit substances. Many of these clients have been subjected to severe violations of their human rights and privacy rights at the hands of Hungarian authorities. In 1998 the HCLU Drug Policy Program expanded its legal aid services beyond individual clients and now assists harm reduction service providers and outpatient drug treatment clinics in addition to individuals. They currently provide legal assistance to arrested methadone doctors, street outreach workers and needle exchange program operators. HCLU also arranges conferences and provides legal training for substance abuse treatment providers. To compliment their legal aid services we also advocate for more sensitive drug policies through both governmental lobbying and media commentary. HCLU recently started a new project which aims to monitor all drug related information in the Hungarian media.  This project involves collecting anything published or broadcast in the media on drugs, including articles, reports, and radio and television programs. All media information is checked for correctness and when incorrect information or false assertions are found HCLU publishes responses including commentary and references to accurate and credible data. Find out more: http://drogriporter.hu/en