DPP Research Seminar

November 25, 2013 - 11:00 - 12:40
Nador u. 13
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CEU Community Only
Vija Pakalkaite
Evelyne Hübscher
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Zoltan Wagner
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Cordially invites you to attend the DPP Research Seminar


11.00 am, Monday, November 25, Nador 13 building, room 001



Diane Stone (CEU, School of Public Policy, Department of Public Policy) 

Global Public Policy? The World Bank and Development Grant Facility Global Programs

Discussant: Cristina Corduneanu-Huci (CEU, School of Public Policy)


Since the turn of the millennium, there has been increasing use of the term ‘global public policy’.  Books have emerged under this title or in the field of ‘global social policy’. There are MA degree courses in Global Policy Studies.  Nevertheless, the term remains under-specified although it is over-used in the lexicon of international organizations and the wider community of non-state actors.  At other times, global public policy is equated with the financing and delivery of global public goods. Yet another synonym is the idea of ‘global public-private partnerships’ or, as is the focus of this presentation, the ‘global programs’ sponsored by the World Bank. 



Vija Pakalkaite (CEU, Department of Public Policy)

Triggers and Accelerators of Reforms at the EU Natural Gas Markets

Discussant: Philip Thaler (CEU, Department of Public Policy)

The aim if this paper is to choose the most appropriate theoretical approach in order to explain fragmented integration of the natural gas markets in the European Union. From a plethora of theories three are considered relevant for further consideration because they explain similar phenomena: how international/exogenous/external environment influences policy changes at the domestic level. These are such theoretical approaches as policy diffusion, Europeanization and political economy discussions regarding opportunity structures and veto points/players. It is argued that the latter ones are the most appropriate for the aims of future doctoral dissertation.